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La bouillabaisse


This restaurant and private beach offers you one of the most beautiful views of the Saint-Tropez village with your feet in the water. Specialized in Bouillabaisse (be careful, fish must be reserved).


Useful information:

Departmental 98A Bouillabaisse district - 83990 Saint-Tropez

04 94 97 54 00

La vague d'or

Château de la Messardière Restaurant l'Acacia

The best of Mediterranean cuisine can be tasted on the Acacia terrace offering an exceptional panorama of the beach.


Useful information:

2, route de Tahiti - 83990 Saint-Tropez

04 94 56 76 00


The Girelier

Le girelier

Gourmets and gourmets, Le Girelier is a real invitation to taste fish and seafood in the “fisherman's cabin” spirit.


Useful information:

Quai Jean Jaures - 83990 Saint-Tropez

04 94 97 03 87

Dior Des Lices

In the shaded gardens of the Dior house, cocktails, breakfasts and fine French cuisine.


Useful information:

13 rue François Sibilli - 83990 Saint-Tropez

04 98 12 67 65

le g'envie

Café de Paris

la partdesanges.jpg
La part des anges

Give back to the Café de Paris the soul of a pure Parisian brasserie with the bell tower spirit of Saint-Tropez.


Useful information:

25 Quai Suffren - 83990 Saint-Tropez

04 94 97 00 56

Café de Paris

Ancre 1

Café, bar, brasserie, restaurant the Sénéquier is an institution in Saint-Tropez ideally located on the port facing the sublime and luxurious yachts.


Useful information:

29 Quai Jean Jaurès - 83990 Saint-Tropez

04 94 97 20 20

And many others… .. (Pablo, Le Napoléon, Le Byblos, l'Opéra, Le Pearl…)
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